Fan DVD: Manhunt in the City (L’uomo della strada fa giustizia, Umberto Lenzi, 1975)


Due to my work commitments I rarely get the time to build fan DVDs anymore.  This is my most recent effort.  Manhunt in the City is one of Lenzi’s little known poliziesco films.  Like Enzo G Castellari’s excellent earlier film Street Law (1974), this film was influenced by the popularity of revenge films such as Death Wish (Michael Winner, 1974).  Henry Silva stars as David Vannuchi whose daughter is killed during a jewel robbery.  Vannuchi then has to decide whether to trust the police to bring her murderers to justice or to take the law into his own hands.  I am sure you can guess the decision he makes.  I have always enjoyed the film and find the ending to be particularly thoughtful, better than many poliziesco in fact.

An Italian DVD release surfaced last year.  As per usual, there were no English options and the video was not 16×9 enhanced.  I converted the widescreen video for 16×9 playback, added an English audio track taken from a VHS release of the film and synchronised English subtitles created by DjangoLi to the film.

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