Death Laid an Egg (aka La Morte ha Fatto l’Uovo, Giulio Questi, 1968)


Giulio Questi’s surreal giallo has been recently released on DVD in Italy. The good news is that it improves upon the Japanese DVD release by presenting the film in 16×9 enhanced widescreen. The picture quality is decent, not remastered but appearing to be a straight transfer from a print. The bad news is that there are is no English audio or English subtitles. Rumour has it that when the film was shown in UK cinemas, with Italian audio and English subtitles, the running time was 105 minutes. The running time of this DVD is 85 minutes. As far as I am aware, the longest version of the film appeared on German VHS. I have a fan DVD of the film that contains extra footage taken from this German VHS as extras. Sadly they are German audio only. The search for a complete release of Death Laid an Egg continues.


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One Response to Death Laid an Egg (aka La Morte ha Fatto l’Uovo, Giulio Questi, 1968)

  1. argento_67 says:

    Hi, there! I am Spanish and I am a great fan of Giallo films. I’ve got a great collection of both VHS/Beta and DVD/BluRay Giallo movies. I was wondering if could make a deal, I mean, trade mainly DVD/BluRay copies. If you are interested, please write to my email (I left it although it was optional). Thanks in advance and regards!!!Jos?? Antonio

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