Cine Excess: Day Three


Today was unfortunately the last day of Cine Excess V. The conference has been intense but very rewarding. I attended two panels today, which featured some strong papers. Topics included: Salo as a pornographic text, the Arrow Blu-Ray release of Battle Royale, The Big Racket and the poliziesco film and the Italian comedy films. The stand out paper for me was from Emma Pett, another member of Aberystwyth University, who discussed her research into audiences of extreme Asian cinema.

Simon and I chose not to go to the final panel or the screening of Django as we had to get back to Brum. However, I did get to conduct interviews with Harvey Fenton of FAB Press and Tris Thompson, who produced a fun horror fanzine in the mid 1990s called It’s Only a Movie. It was very generous of them to give up their time and such a fascinating insight into their fandom. I purchased FAB Press’ latest title Any Gun Can Play, which looks at the Spaghetti Western genre. I also got to finally meet another member of my favourite forum Lovelockandload.

Usually I find conferences to be a disappointment but Cine Excess certainly changed my perspective. A number of contacts were made that I hope to further in the coming months and years. I must extend thanks to all the organisers of the conference and particularly head honcho Xavier Mendik for helping to create such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. I am looking forward to next year. A similar version of our Cine Excess paper will be delivered at Transforming Audiences 3 in September. Bring it on!

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