Cine Excess V: Day Two


Another long but highly enjoyable day in the big smoke. Papers on a variety of subjects were delivered today, such as the representation of Bangkok in European produced cult films, the I Spit on Your Grave, Bollywood horror and the porn auteur Jack the Zipper. The two standout papers for me were Kate Egan’s research into the fandom surrounding the late Hammer Horror film star Ingrid Pitt and Austin Fisher’s well presented paper on Django. Pitt was ever present at the NEC Memorabilia Event with her well decorated stand and appeared to revel in the attention she received from her fans, much more so than the celebrities who would charge ??15 for signings.

There were two main highlights for me today. Firstly, speaking to Martin Barker, one of my academic heroes, was a pleasure. Discussing subjects such as ethical issues surrounding online research, the limits of the mass communication research and the fascination that undergraduate students have with media effects was truly a delight. Secondly, seeing Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero receive honorary doctorates and discuss their careers was very enjoyable. Nero has a presence that so few other actors have. The post presentation party was fun, getting to finally chat with some of the other delegates and brush shoulders with Franco was fun. An impromptu piano performance by Ruggero Deodato was a welcome surprise. Now it’s time for sleep, I hope. Tomorrow, papers on Italian cult cinema and a screening of Django with an introduction from Nero.

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