Deep Red (Dario Argento, 1975)


After the criticised Arrow Blu-Ray, many people, including myself, were eager to see what Blue Underground’s release would bring, especially with it reportedly using a newly struck HD transfer taken from the original negative. I was happy with the Arrow release, after all, this was my favourite film looking the best it has ever looked on a home video format and to say that it was an improvement over the UK pan and scanned Redemption VHS would be an understatement of the highest order.

So how does the Blue Underground Blu-Ray fare? Well, it does not vastly improve upon the image quality offered by Arrow Blu-Ray. If I was forced to pick between the two, I would say that the Blue Underground release is ever so slightly ‘better’ but, unless you are one of the many who are obsessed with picture quality, the difference really is negligible. The Arrow release has more extra content that the Blue Underground disc but its presentation is rather amateurish. The extra content found on the Blue Underground disc is much more professionally presented. I might give the International version of the film a spin at the weekend. Though I prefer the original italian version, it has been some time since I viewed the alternate cut.

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