Roddy Woomble at The Glee Club 23/03/11

It has been a while since I last saw a live music performance.?? On Wednesday we went to see Idlewild front man Roddy Woomble perform at The Glee Club in Birmingham.?? Though Kiss in 1995 was the first gig I ever saw, I still view Idlewild as being my first actual gig, mainly because it was at a more intimate venue than the NEC.?? I have seen Idlewild three times now and whilst I don't enjoy their new music as much as their earlier material I do still keep an eye (or ear?) out for their latest efforts.?? Woomble, however, is an interesting character.?? Through his two solo albums, the excellent My Secret is My Silence (2006) and this year's slightly disappointing The Impossible Song and Other Song, allow him to explore his love of Scottish folk music; they are a marked difference to the majority of Idlewild material.?? Aside from The Glee Club's policy of making you sit and wait an age for the main artist to come on stage it really was a great gig.?? Woomble, in full long-haired folky mode, performed with three immensely talented musicians and played a good set list that did contain a couple of Idlewild songs.?? The stand-out tracks were Waverley Steps, My Secret is My Silence and a stripped down version of You Held the World in your Arms Tonight that was part of the encore.?? Songs from his new album were much more enjoyable live than on the album.?? Perhaps the best thing about Woomble is that he comes across as a really nice chap with a good sense of humour.?? He is well worth seeing on his current UK tour.

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