Rolling Thunder Blu-Ray, Revenge of the Ninja UK DVD and other goodies!

Another post on Rolling Thunder (John Flynn, 1977) you ask?  Well, it is with good cause.  Paul, over at the  Lovelockandload forum, mentioned earlier today that the UK label Optimum will be releasing the film on DVD and, wait for it, Blu-Ray.  The release date will be May 30th 2011 and it cannot come some enough.

Also, Paul stated that Optimum will be releasing the classic Cannon Sho Kosugi Ninja films Enter the Ninja (Menahem Golan,1981) and Revenge of the Ninja (Sam Firstenberg, 1983) on DVD.  The former will no doubt be censored, because of scenes featuring cockfighting, but the latter should be identical to the uncut MGM US DVD that was released a while back but this time presented in anamorphic widescreen.  Though HD masters exist for both films, they are regularly shown on MGMHD in the US, there will be no Blu-Ray release of either film. Street date will also be May 30th 2011.  I have a soft spot for Revenge of the Ninja.  For years I sought an uncut version of this film, owning four VHS versions at one point.  Pictured below is the cover original Guild UK VHS release which brings back fond memories of the film.

Finally, as if these cult offerings were not enough, on the same date, Optimum will also be releasing The Conversation (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974) on DVD and Blu-Ray.  What else is there to say?


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