Class of 2010: Albums of the Year

Aside from the following two albums below, there really were few music releases in 2010 that captured my attention.  I went through my iTunes library and could only find five albums from 2010.  Two of those were stand-up comedy releases and other one was the disappointing recent album from the Old 97s. Here are my two favourites:

Grinderman 2

How silly of me to doubt that the follow up to the first Grinderman album would not be as good.  It follows on from their eponymous 2007 debut album with a number of excellent tracks, the standout for me being Palaces of Montezuma.  Bring on the third Grinderman album.

Howard James Kenny

Howard James Kenny was the support for Jonah Matranga at the Hare and the Hounds pub last year.  Normally support acts have to suffer people talking through their performace while they wait for the main act.  I expected to do this while waiting for Jonah but Kenny was truly captivating.  He had the crowd in silence as he used a variety of effects pedals and loops to produce some beautiful layered sounds.  At the end of the evening I purchased his album which comes highly recommended, not that I know where you can purchase it from.  Below is the song Good Fortune, taken from the album.

Were there any other quality albums that I missed out on last year?


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