More Posters Framed


A few months back I was able to locate a mint-condition, rolled poster for Michael Mann’s MANHUNTER (1986). This poster features one of my favourite poster designs. As the majority of film posters prior to the 1990s were sent folded to cinemas it was a surprise to find one rolled. I already own an original MANHUNTER poster that I purchased on eBay several years ago but it is very poor quality. Rather that pay to get it restored I decided to replace it. The poster was framed, as always, by The Framers. As it is a rare poster I paid extra to have conservation glass to prevent the colours from faded. It now hangs in my home office.

I also had two Belgian posters framed: TENEBRE and THE NEW YORK RIPPER. The latter is another one of my favourite poster designs and brings back memories of my first ever import VHS purchases. As with Italian locandina posters, I also like Belgian posters. Film titles are often in English and they tend to have good quality artwork. They also take up little wall space and are inexpensive to frame.

I was pleased to locate the original Belgian poster of John Carpenter’s THE THING at last weeks Memorabilia event. I will post pictures one it has been framed.

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