mkv2vob on PS3

I regard the PS3 a great value for money media centre.?? The only drawback is that it will not play certain codecs, a decision that is most likely down to DRM issues.?? It is ludicrous that the PS3 does not support the .mkv format.?? mkv. files have a number of advantages over other file formats, the most obvious one being high quality video at a low file size.?? An application for Windows users called mkv2vob has been around for quite a while now.?? This excellent app will remux mkv files into a format that the PS3 can playback and it takes a matter of seconds to do; therefore, there is no need for re-encoding.?? However, Mac users currently have no such app available. Thankfully, someone has posted a workaround that will allow mkv2vob to run on a Mac.?? It works perfectly.?? All is needed is the Crossover software and the software found in this installation guide.?? It works perfectly.?? Hopefully this will help other Mac playback HD .mkv files on their PS3's, Dr Jazz, I am pointing in your direction.

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