Profondo Rosso (Dario Argento, 1975) Locandina Poster Restoration

When I turned thirty last month, I decided to have my Locandina poster for my favourite film Profondo Rosso (Dario Argento, 1975) restored and framed.  When I purchased it off of eBay I was a bit disappointed to find that it had more damage than I had antipated; the seller’s vague description and low resolution pictures being mostly to blame.  Intially I had decided to locate a Locandina that was in better quality but all that turned up on eBay were of a similar condition; unsurprising for a film that is now 35 years old.

So, I decided to use the services of London based poster restorer Alain Bourgouin.  Alain is regularly recommended on discussion fora and by those in the poster collecting community.  I asked Alain to linen-back the poster and restore it to the best quality possible.  This was done for a lower price than I had expected.  After a few weeks wait, I recieved the poster and was stunned by the quality of the restoration.  Gone were the tears and the creases were minimised to such an extent that they are pretty much unnoticeable.  The biggest difference, however, is that made by the deacidification process.  The colours are now much more vibrant and the poster looks brand new.  It is easy to see why Alain is regarded as one of the best poster restorers in the country.

I took the poster to the ever reliable Birmingham company The Framers who are based in the Custard Factory and they have perfectly framed the poster and used a high quality ‘museum glass’ to protect the poster from UV light and help to preserve the poster.  Their prices are unbeatable. 

The restored, framed Locandina now hangs proudly on my home office wall.  Before and after pictures can be found below.


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