The Evil Dead (Sam Raimi, 1981) American Blu-Ray release really was limited


Well.?? A limited edition Blu-Ray release that was actually, genuinely limited and not a marketing ploy.?? Who'd believe it??? The first pressing of the excellent American Blu-Ray release of The Evil Dead has now officially sold out.?? This first pressing came with a DVD loaded with numerous extra features.?? Starz, formerly Anchor Bay, really did produce a quality Blu-Ray release here, offering a fantastic transfer of this low budget, shot on 16mm film.?? Who would have thought that the film would have looked this good in HD??? The UK release is due on Monday but will not have the original 4×3 version of the film, just the cropped 16×9 version.?? Both versions are present on the US disc, which will still be available but without the bonus DVD.?? If you have not purchased the Blu-Ray I would not worry too much as Starz will almost certainly rerelease The Evil Dead for the umpteenth time in yet another limited edition pack with fancy 'Book of the Dead' packaging.

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