Jonah Matranga and Howard James Kenny at The Hare and the Hounds


On the 5th June we went to see Jonah Matranga at The Hare and the Hounds in Kings Heath.?? The venue was perfect, it was a small intimate performance and the set list was ideal.?? But the big surprise of the evening was the support act Howard James Kenny.?? Most support acts I have seen over the past 15 years have been very bland.?? Perhaps the most memorable band was the Texan alternative rock band And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead who supported the Foo Fighters at the Birmingham Academy in 2000.?? Armed with two acoustic guitars, a microphone and an array of effects pedals, Howard James Kenny played one of the captivating sets of music I have ever seen.?? Using loops and other effects he created the sound of a band.?? The small crowd were quiet and appeared to be equally as fascinated with him.?? We were so impressed that we purchased his album at the end of night.?? The stand out tracks were My Wrongs and Good Fortune.?? Videos of both are below.?? I really believed that I had seen something special and I am eager to see him continue his career.?? I look forward to his next album.

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