Breaking Bad


I have just finished watching season three of Breaking Bad and firmly believe that it is the best television show currently being aired.?? The show focuses on high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who upon learning that he has lung cancer decides to 'break bad' and cook crystal methamphetamine with a former student in order to provide money for his struggling family.?? The show has similar production values to AMC's excellent Mad Men and is brilliantly written, lensed and acted.?? I am not quite sure I have ever felt such unease when watching a television show; it is never clear what could happen next and places the viewer firmly on the edge of the seat.?? It is also extremely funny and also touching.?? Cranston's performance is currently unmatched on American television and the supporting cast is equally as strong.?? The episode 'Fly', directed by Rian Johnson, director of the film noir inspired Brick (2005), was a particular stand-out for me.?? Season three has ended on an unsurprisingly tense cliffhanger.?? I am not looking forward to waiting eight months for the next episode to air in the US.?? At least season three of True Blood has now started and will help make the wait more bearable.??

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