Sights and Sounds: Interrogating the Music Documentary Conference

Tim, Paul, Matt, Rob, Sam and I went to the Sights and Sounds Conference which was held at Salford University last Thursday and Friday.?? I presented a paper with Sam that reflected on a David Bowie documentary he produced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Bowie’s visit to New Zealand the online fan response to the documentary.?? The PowerPoint slides can be viewed below.?? Our presentation went well, surprisingly it was the only presentation to focus on radio documentary.?? I am hoping that we will find the time to finish writing the paper over the next few months and that it can be included in a forthcoming text on music documentary.??

It was also good to talk Euro-Cult cinema with Benjamin Halligan, author of a very well researched text on Michael Reeves, and spend an evening chatting with the director of the excellent documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2006), Jeff Feuerzeig.?? His upcoming film on Tiny Tim sounds fascinating, providing that he secures funding.?? Other conference delegates were very warm and friendly, and the conference meal at the Turkish Restaurant, Cafe Istanbul was outstanding. On the Friday morning we found time to fulfill Sam’s request and travel along Coronation Street to Salford Lad’s Club, which was famously featured in the music video for There is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths.?? A group picture was a must.?? I do not usually enjoy conferences but thought this was the best one that I participated in so far.??


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