Rock and rock roll all night and party every day…

The first Kiss song I ever heard was God Gave Rock and Roll to You in the early 1990s.?? It wasn't until I saw their Unplugged session on MTV in the mid 1990s that I became more aware of their music.?? Through videos I became aware of their make-up years and their highly theatrical performances.?? In 1995 I went to my first gig: the original Kiss line-up had announced that they were reforming for a world tour, and a big pay cheque of course.?? As a fifteen year-old I saw them at Birmingham NEC and was completely in awe of their live show.?? I have seen many live performances over the years but none compare to the sheer outrageousness of a Kiss show.??

Last Wednesday, I took my friend Sam along to see Kiss perform at the Birmingham LG Arena aka the NEC.?? It has been fifteen years since they last came to Birmingham, but at least Paul Stanley kept his promise of returning from 1995.?? Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons may be almost 60 but their performances are as energetic as ever. During an exhaustive set-list, Gene spat blood, fire and flew to the top of the stage to sing I Love it Loud.?? Paul danced, screamed and flew to the middle of the arena to sing I Was Made for Loving You.?? Yes, it might be cheesy, but it was so much fun.?? Their latest recruits for the Catman and Spaceman makeup, drummer Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, are both accomplished musicians that are in some respects better than original band members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.?? Paul's voice may not be as strong as it once was but I doubt there is any other band who puts as much into a live performance as Kiss.?? Everyone, regardless of whether they like the band or not should see a Kiss show at least once.?? It was Sam's first Kiss show he left the show amazed.?? I hope that it doesn't take another fifteen years to see them again.

These aren't my videos but give a good idea of the theatrics.

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