Code Red to release The Dead Are Alive (aka The Etruscan Kills Again, Armando Crispino, 1972)


The American DVD label Code Red have announced that they are releasing the underrated giallo The Dead Are Alive, more commonly known as The Etruscan Kills Again, in July.?? This is a welcome surprise given that Code Red’s releases have been intermittent at best.?? Previously only available as a grey market DVD release from Eurovista which had murky picture quality, print damage, missing footage and an authoring error, a German DVD release eventually surfaced as part of the Bryan Edgar Wallace collection.?? This DVD had beautiful picture quality but sadly no English language track.?? It was this DVD that I used as the video source for a fan DVD project, adding English audio from the Dutch VHS release.?? It will be interesting to see how this release matches up with the German DVD (and my fan DVD).?? Needless to say, I will be buying this one as soon as it is released.?? Let’s hope that Code Red decide to get Alex Cord to recount his memories of working on the film in a DVD featurette.?? Maybe they can also get round to finally issuing their long planned DVD release of the backwoods horror gem Rituals (Peter Carter, 1977).

Source: Lovelockandload

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