New York Ripper (Lucio Fulci, 1982) T-Shirt


Nope, not one of mine, this shirt is from the Rabbit in Red Lounge.?? They specialise in made to order shirts using full colour prints taken from original poster artwork.?? I had my reservations about the quality of print but it appears to be very high.?? You can have your chosen print be digitally worn.?? There are three levels of grubbiness you can?? request, I opted for the lightest level of wear.?? The choice of prints is endless.?? All of the well known cult horror films are available as well as little known obscurities.?? The cult film fan could waste a lot of money here.?? After a long deliberation I decided to opt for the New York Ripper design.?? This was the first imported VHS video I purchased back in the mid-nineties.?? This Scandinavian release of the film on the Professional Cine Media label used artwork taken from the original Italian poster.?? I have always liked this poster design and thought it would be a suitable choice.?? The only problem is that the size I ordered is just slightly too big for me; I should have ordered a small instead of a medium.?? I might order the Zombie Flesh Eaters design which uses the excellent artwork taken from the British quad poster a bit later in the year.?? Once thing to be aware of is that it can take a while for your order to be fulfilled as the shirts are made to order.??

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One Response to New York Ripper (Lucio Fulci, 1982) T-Shirt

  1. Leno Ventura says:

    Would be nice to see an ‘Illustrious Corpses’ t-shirt hit the high street. Given the good weather, one never knows.

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