So you want a multi-region Blu-Ray player?

Multi-region Blu-Ray players are still very much sought after by enthusiasts.?? None of the well known brands offer remote control hackable mutli-region Blu-Ray playback.?? Modifications are available for players such as the excellent Oppo BDP-83 and some of the Panasonic, Sony and Pioneer models.?? The only drawback is that hard modifications, which involve the soldering of a chip to the main circuit board of the Blu-Ray, will void your warranty.?? The only branded, remote control hackable players were the LG BH100 and LG BH200.?? Both of these players were combination players that offered both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray playback but could also play Blu-Ray discs from regions A, B and C through the inputting of simple code via the remote control.?? I still own the latter player.?? Although LG no longer offers firmware support and it has some flaws I have been thoroughly happy with the player.

Blu-Ray players by lesser known brands have found their way on to the market.?? Attracting consumers with their low prices, these players tend to have a lower quality build but nearly all offer remote hackable multi-region Blu-Ray playback.?? Back in early January I purchased HMV's Limit Blu-Ray player for what I thought was a bargain at ??49.99.?? I purchased it purely as a backup player to my LG BH200 which is now no longer in production.?? I was also attracted by the ability to play MKV files, something the PS3 still does not offer.?? I managed to play one disc on the player and then it died on me.?? Upon returning it to the store for a full refund, the manager told me that a number of faulty units had been returned.??

In mid 2009 Aldi released the Tevion DVD1100UKT Blu-Ray player.?? This player was a clone of the Momitsu BDP-889 player that has been popular amongst enthusiasts in America for its mutli-region capabilities.?? Being a clone of the Momitsu it was quickly discovered that the machine was remote control hackable.?? My partner, clearly noticing that I was disappointed by the faulty Limit Blu-Ray player, purchased me the Tevion player for Valentine's Day.?? How many girlfriends willingly pander to their partner's addiction to technology and home media??? The player is of a much better build quality than the Limit player and offers high quality playback for a low price.?? Dependent on the Aldi store you might find the player for anywhere between ??59.99 and ??79.99, including a three year guarantee.?? However, I was told by someone involved in the DVD industry that Trading Standards requested Aldi to remove these players from sale because they were multi-region hackable.?? I personally believe that this is nothing more than misinformation.?? Being a budget player, the Tevion receives few firmware updates but those who are feeling brave can use the Momitsu firmware updates which appear to be more regular.?? Asda and Curry's sell a rebranded version of the Tevion/Momitsu player under the Curtis branding.?? These can also be found in-store for around ??60 or less.

Despite my bad experience with the Limit player some other people have been very happy with their purchase.?? The Limit player is now hard to find but you can find a rebranded version for sale over at eBuyer.?? Their Foehn & Hirsch player is currently for sale at ??57.99, including free shipping.?? I personally wouldn't risk it but reviews on the eBuyer site rate the player quite highly.?? It might be worth a punt if you are looking for a cheap multi-region Blu-Ray player.

In summary, if you want a high quality multi-region Blu-Ray player the Oppo BDP-83 is the one to get.?? The only drawback is the retail price of ??583.00.?? Another solution would be to buy a UK LG BD390 (which I recently purchased but more on that in a coming blog post), which is, in my opinion, the best value for money Blu-Ray player currently on the market, and a US PS3 to playback Region A Blu-Ray discs.?? Buying these two players would save you around ??100 and you would getting much more for your money.?? However, I am very happy with my Tevion DVD1100UKT and this is a worthwhile purchase for those who are looking for a cheap multi-region solution.?? The three year guarantee also gives you peace of mind.?? Grab one before trading standards beat you to it.??

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