Another New T-Shirt Design

So, Spreadshirt pulled my Suspiria design as it was a potential copyright infringement.?? As far as I am aware, film titles are not subject to copyright unless they are part of a series, such as the Harry Potter films.?? I am quite disappointed as I was very pleased with the design and it the white text looked very striking against the black t-shirt background.?? Never mind, perhaps I can get it printed elsewhere.?? Any recommendations?

Here is my latest design.?? I produced a fan DVD of The Killer Reserved Nine Seats (aka L'assassino ha riservato nove poltrone, Guiseppe Benati, 1974) a while back and thought it would be cool to design a shirt to accompany the fan DVD.?? I have also just finished writing a draft chapter of my PhD that focuses on the production of this fan DVD so the shirt serves as a suitable ending to my obsession with this film.?? I thought that adding the nine seats below the the text was a tad corny but it has come out quite nicely.?? This will my last shirt until I sell eight more shirts.?? Then Spreadshirt will allow me to upload five more designs.?? I have just finished a design for a Death Laid an Egg (aka La Morte ha Fatto l'Uovo, Giulio Questi, 1968) shirt and I am looking forward to adding it to my Spreadshirt shop.


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