My First T-Shirt Design

One of the chapters of my PhD thesis investigates t-shirt production in the Euro-Cult cinema fan community.?? Having being inspired by Jonny's excellent T-Shirt designs over at the lovelockandload and the more unusual designs over at Giallo T-Shirts I have opened my own Spreadshirt shop in order to better understand the production process. ?? With some help from Jonny, I produced my first design: the logo for Dario Argento's Profondo Rosso (1975).?? I have always wanted a T-Shirt inspired by this film and not having ever come across a decent one I decide to design my own.?? I ordered the T-Shirt from Spreadshirt on Thursday and it arrived today.?? I have ordered from Spreadshirt before and have always been impressed with their quality.?? I chose to use the flock print method with gives the lettering a felt effect.?? Though the design is somewhat basic it looks better than I had hoped.?? If anyone reading this would like one you can order it through my Spreadshirt shop.?? If all goes well, I will be uploading some more Euro-Cult inspired designs over the coming weeks.


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