Goodbye Neo Publishing

Zarith, a member over at the Lovelockandload forums, posted that the French cult DVD label Neo Publishing, which specialised in releasing Italian cult film, are no longer.?? It appears that the usual combination of greedy rights owners, consumer uncertainty over DVD and Blu-Ray and niche audiences has led to its downfall.?? I only own one Neo Publishing release, their superior DVD release of Lucio Fulci's giallo Seven Notes in Black (1977).?? I would have purchased their other releases of gialli but none of them were English friendly.?? Apparently greedy rights owners prevented Neo Publishing from including English audio and/or subtitles.?? Even though their releases were readily available in English friendly formats over in the US, I believe they would have attracted fans with their unique cover art and lavish presentation (as seen in some of the pictures below) had they been English friendly.?? So yet another cult label goes.?? I hope this trend stops soon but I have a feeling the current state of the DVD industry will lead to more specialist labels dying.?? Neo Publishing's releases will most likely end up being collector's items so it is recommended that fans head over to and pick up the reduced discs while stocks last.?? I am trying to fight the urge to not purchase all of their gialli.



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