Memorabilia Fair Spring 2010

On Saturday 28 March I went to the Spring 2010 Memorabilia Fair at the LG Arena in Birmingham.?? This was not just the usual visit, I was there to research a chapter of my PhD thesis on fan conventions and the distribution of fan produced texts.?? My friend, office mate and acclaimed audio documentary maker Sam came along with me to help with capturing some video footage of the day, using some of the University's newly purchased Kodak Zi8 cameras.?? I will posting some of that content over the coming week.

Having been going to these events on and off since the mid 1990s, I find the Spring fair to be much smaller when compared to the Winter fair.?? This is most likely due to the Winter fair being closer to Christmas and providing the opportunity to pick up possible Christmas presents.?? Saturday's event was quieter than usual.?? There were fewer dealers and many of the regulars had chosen not too attend.?? This is not too surprising considering that I was told by the proprietor of the excellent online store MovieTyme that their space cost ??800!?? I still got chance to speak to Paul from Midnight Media, the proprietor of the Birmingham Euro-Cult store Diabolik and Peter Lennon who told me about the exclusive deal he has signed with artist Rick Melton.?? Rick Melton is mostly known for his artwork that graces the covers of Arrow's recent DVD/Blu-Ray releases of Dawn of the Dead (George Romero, 1978), Day of the Dead (George Romero, 1985) and their recent Argento releases.?? Apparently Melton does not have time to distribute his artwork because of the high number of commissions that he is currently receiving from Arrow and other clients.?? Peter will selling prints and limited editions of Melton's work via his website The Serial Man.?? I bought three of Melton's prints for Inferno (Dario Argento, 1980), Tenebre (Dario Argento, 1982) and The Card Player (2004) after being very impressed with the striking quality of his work.?? Fan response to Melton's work for Arrow has been positive, I believe that these will be very much sought after by fans.?? A picture of the prints I purchased can be found below.?? I will post my interview with Peter later this week.

We attended a Q&A with the highly underrated actor William Forsythe.?? I asked him about his experience working on the film Relentless 3 (James Lemmo, 1993), he was very forthcoming.?? Some extracts from the Q&A will be posted shortly, including Forsythe talking about his experience working with Segio Leone and his view on the Hollywood film industry.?? John Saxon was also in attendance and I now wish I had paid to get his signature.

Whilst I was pleased to spend less money than usual I still was able to pick up some goodies, they are pictured below.


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