Red Riding Trilogy Swedish Blu-Ray Release


I was surprised to find that the Red Riding Trilogy (2009) have been released on Blu-Ray in Sweden.?? The episodes did not get a Blu-Ray release in the UK and it appears doubtful that they will be released on the format in the US.?? Though I have not read the books I really enjoyed the series, particularly the second and third episodes.?? The performances of Sean Bean, Paddy Considine and the incredible Sean Harris were stellar.?? The set is available from the Swedish site but, like most Swedish DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, is rather expenses.?? I think that my order came to around 799SEK, just under ??75, gulp!?? The films are presented in full HD (1080p/24p) with English DTS-HD Master 5.1 audio.?? The discs are labelled as region B but apparently most other Noble releases are region free.?? I will confirm once the set arrives.

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