Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino, 1994) Hong Kong Blu-Ray Release


The Hong Kong label Panorama Distributors have released Pulp Fiction on Blu-Ray.  DVDBeaver reports that the release appears to be a port of the French Blu-Ray release but does not have the forced French subtitle track.  The picture quality appears to be quite impressive too.  Considering that a Blu-Ray release has not surfaced in the UK or US this looks to be a cheap alternative to the French and Polish releases of the film.  The reviewer over at DVDBeaver believes that this release might be removed from sale because it is a direct port of the French Blu-Ray.  Fans of the film might want to take advantage of this.  The film can be ordered from DDDHouse, easily the best Chinese DVD and Blu-Ray retailer for around £16 delivered.  

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