Fan DVD: Nine Guests for a Crime (Ferdinando Baldi, 1977)

I don't get much time to produce to fan DVDs anymore but I recently completed work on a fan DVD of Ferdinando Baldi's giallo Nine Guests for a Crime (aka Nove ospiti per un delitto, 1977).?? The video and audio was taken from the Italian Surf Video DVD.?? As you can see in the attached screenshots, the picture quality of the Italian DVD is very good indeed.?? One of the problems with the Italian DVD was that the 16×9 flag was not set correctly by the original author of the disc.?? This meant that when played the image was squashed.?? Using a tool such as Ifoedit it is possible to correct such an oversight with a simple few taps of a keyboard.?? Subtitles were created by DjangoLi, the owner and master fan subtitler over at Italian Film Translation.?? I also included the original Italian trailer from the Italian DVD.?? The Italian Surf Video DVD can be purchased from Kult Video.


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One Response to Fan DVD: Nine Guests for a Crime (Ferdinando Baldi, 1977)

  1. Haydn Watkins says:

    Hi Oliver,Great blog, we certainly have a lot of similar interests! I was wondering how I could get hold of any of your fan made Giallo movies? Do you sell them? Or is there anything you’re after?CheersHaydn

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