Multi-Region Blu-Ray player for ??49.99 at HMV


According to a poster over at the AV Forums HMV are selling their branded Limit Blu-Ray player for £49.99, reduced from £99.99.  Before you think that it is cheap electronic tat you might be interested to find that it offers multi-region playback for DVD and Blu-Ray and will play HD MKV files via the USB input.  This really is a steal and beats the excellent Aldi Tevion multi-region Blu-Ray player which is now selling for £69.99.  This is an ideal Blu-Ray player and you will notice very little difference, if any at all, in picture quality compared to a higher quality player.  The only real downside is that it looks rather ugly and firmware updates will most likely not exist meaning that some of the more advanced future Blu-Ray releases may not play.  But if you are looking for a cheap multi-region Blu-Ray player look no further.  The deal is only available instore and not online.  I am tempted to pick one up and sell my Samsung BDP-1000, the first ever UK Blu-Ray player, but I am snowed in.  The snow here is so bad that I was unable to attend the 2010 MeCCSA conference in London today where I was supposed to be presenting a paper with Faye on media teaching and learning.  Living in a village has very few perks.  Hopefully it will fully clear tomorrow.

UPDATE: 10/01/10

Maybe these are not so much of a bargain after all.  I managed to purchase one of these on Friday afternoon, finally being able to to get out of my road.  On unpacking it, the player looked rather cheaply made but nice and compact.  Firstly, I tried the first disc from the The Prisoner Blu-Ray set and it played perfectly.  But anything else I tried, Blu-Ray or DVD, would not play at all; the disc just kept on spinning in the machine and the screen was blank.  Final verdict, not so much of a bargain after all.  I returned the player on Saturday for a full refund and was told by the manager that five players have so far been returned to the store.  Methinks that there might be a few more coming their way, after all, there is a reason why they were only £50.  So, I will be sticking with my trusty multi-region LG BH200 Dual HD-DVD and Blu-Ray player for now.  According to the discussion on the AV Forums thread some people are having no problems at all with the player so perhaps it is purely the luck of the draw.

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