Chainsaw Video Closes


A recent mailing list email from the Dutch cult DVD retailer Chainsaw Video announced that they will be ceasing trading:

All good (and bad) things have an end and so we've decided to quit the DVD-mailorder business and go on with other things. Fisrt step is selling off our stock to discount prices. A list of which is below. If you are interested in one or two items, please respond to this mail. Of some we only have one left in stock, so better hurry if you want to complete your collection…

By the way, we'll still be bringing you news about the latest releases and running orders until the end of the year.

Naturally, a big thank you from the Chainsaw-team goes to all our customers from over the years!

Take care!


It appears that the current economic downturn has led to another cult DVD e-tailer closing down.?? Last year we saw Xploited Cinema, the best online cult DVD store, announce that they would not be stocking any new titles or re-stocking catalogue titles.?? Fans have sorely missed the excellent service Xploited offered and have found an alternative hard to find.?? The ever changing exchange rate has made profit margins tight for cult DVD sellers and UK fans have also suffered due to the high Euro exchange rate.?? I for one have not been buying as many European releases because of this reason.?? An example of the high cost of European Euro-Cult releases can be found in the recent release of Ferdinando Baldi's Terror Express (1979) by the German label Camera Obscura.?? I purchased this from D&T Mailorder, a German cult DVD store, and it cost ??30 including shipping; a very expensive price for a new release.??

I have only used Chainsaw Video three times as their prices have always been high.?? I first used them in the late nineties to purchase the Austrian PCM VHS release of Umberto Lenzi's Eaten Alive (1980), pictured above.?? Due to the strict customs laws at the time, I paid extra to ensure 'safe' delivery to the UK.?? I often forget about the lengths horror fans had to go in order to purchase films that were not available in the UK.?? Whilst Chainsaw has never been a first choice it is still sad to see them cease trading after being in business for over 15 years.?? The options for online European cult DVD stores are becoming few and far between.?? The following three sites, in my opinion, are currently the best pick of a small bunch:

Kult Video (Italy)
Absurd Online (Denmark)
D&T Mailorder (Germany)

Once economic stability returns perhaps we will see a new Xploited Cinema appear.?? Hopefully there will be no more closures.?? If anyone can recommend any reliable cult DVD stores please leave your suggestions.


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