Transforming Audiences 2 Conference Paper

On Friday September 4 I presented a paper at the second Transforming Audiences conference based at the University of Westminster.?? The paper was based on a chapter of my PhD that focuses on fan DVD production.?? Here is the abstract of the paper:

The Fans Reserved 25 Copies

From Amateur to Professional: Fan DVD Production in Euro-Cult Cinema Fandom

The ubiquity of home computing technology and the World Wide Web has presented fans with the opportunity to create online networks to engage in discussion based on their interests.?? In addition, the availability of desktop publishing software and video production software, both free and illegally obtainable online, has allowed fan production to become professionalised.?? The distinction between amateur and professional fan production is becoming blurred.?? This form of fan production is best exemplified in Euro-Cult cinema fandom.?? Fans are engaged in the building of fan DVDs, using industry standard video editing software and DVD authoring software to produce composites versions of commercially unreleased Euro-Cult films, particularly those which are commonly referred to as gialli.?? These DVDs are then distributed through fan networks and online file sharing technologies.

Drawing on my knowledge as both a fan and a researcher of Euro-Cult cinema, as well as an active producer of fan DVDs, I adopt an ethnographic approach to examining this particular phenomenon.?? In addition, this piece will raise theoretical and methodological questions about the study of fan audiences, drawing on the author???s developing post-graduate research.?? It also builds on the current lack of work in the area of fan production, itself an oft-neglected area of study, and draws on contemporary issues such as copyright, social media and modes of distribution. This example of fan DVD production in Euro-Cult cinema fandom offers a new perspective on how fan cultures are considered and researched.

Despite feeling unwell and being on the final panel of the last day of the conference I thought it went down quite well.?? A pdf of my PowerPoint presentation is also included here.?? Now I just need to finish the chapter.

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