Euro-Cult Fans Funding Eurocrime Documentary


A documentary on the lesser known Italian poliziesco film movement is currently in production.?? The producers of the (hopefully) forthcoming documentary Eurocrime have run in to funding problems.?? Even though they have received interest in the documentary from some outlets they have been struggling to find money to complete production.?? The main issue they are having is finding money to license clips from films so that they can be used in the documentary.?? Those who have expressed interest in financing product have no been willing to give money up front, instead wanting to see the finished documentary first before committing.

So, with some suggestions from Jonny, the head honcho over at Lovelockandload, Mike Malloy, one of the producers of the documentary, is asking Euro-Cult fans to contribute funds to help finish the project.?? A page has been setup on the project funding website Kickstarter which offers different levels ranging from $5 to $5000.?? For each level of donation there is a reward.?? For example, $5000 earns an executive producer credit, whilst a $5 donation will give the funder access to project updates.?? The aim is to reach $10,000 dollars by January 26 2010.?? The pledges will not leave the funder's account if the target is not reached by this date.?? Any Euro-Cult fans reading this are encouraged to contribute whatever they can to this worthwhile project.??

Using a platform such as Kickstarter, which is currently being used to fund many multimedia projects, and relying on contributions from fans demonstrates the changing nature of fandom and independent production.?? This will be something I will be giving attention to in future research.?? It will be interesting to see whether the full amount of funding can achieved through Kickstarter.?? Fingers crossed.

The excellent advance trailer which features excerpts from some of completed interviews can be found below.?? This promises to be something special.

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