Rogue (Greg McLean, 2007) Blu-Ray


I finally watched Greg McLean's Rogue on Friday night via the recently released region-free UK Blu-Ray disc.?? I had really enjoyed his earlier film Wolf Creek (2005) which starred the excellent John Jarrett as the brutal Mick Taylor and was eager to see this crocodile on the loose film.?? What is particularly striking about McLean's films is use of scenery.?? Both Rogue and Wolf Creek are beautifully shot and make good use of their locations.?? McLean is skilled at making the picturesque Australian countryside seem both claustrophobic and terrifying.

A group of tourists on a boat tour respond to an SOS flare.?? Unbeknownst to the the tour guide they enter the territory of an aggressive crocodile that destroys the tour boat.?? Stuck an island with the tide coming in the tourists have to find away to get to shore and survive the giant croc.

Whilst it may not be entirely original and it is in keeping with B movie traditions, Rogue achieves what many recent blockbusters cannot; a constant air of tension throughout.?? Clearly inspired by Alien (1979), Jaws (1975) and the lesser known other Aussie croc film The Dark Age (1987), McLean follows the old adage of 'less is more' by using the crocodile sparingly until the final moments of the film.?? The cast turn in strong performances, particularly John Jarrett who is in a completely different role compared to his psychotic Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek.

The UK Blu-Ray disc released by Icon offers a near flawless presentation of the film.?? Both audio and video are top notch; the scenery of the gorge looking especially awesome.???? The extras are also worthy of attention, particularly the fascinating 40 minute making of.??

So, if you are looking for a good old fashioned animal on the loose horror movie for Halloween look no further.?? It may not be perfect but it if certainly a fun way to spend 90 minutes of your time.?? I anxiously await Greg McLean's next offering.

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