The Town that Dreaded Sundown (1975) Fan DVD

I wrote about this forgotten film last year after watching it via a murky avi file. I was very pleased to find that someone has recently built a fan composite DVD of the film using a widescreen French television broadcast and audio from a US VHS. The DVD also includes the original drive-in trailer. Screenshots from the disc are a revelation, no more struggling to see what is going on during the night time scenes.

The only downside is that DVD is only available on the torrent site Cinemageddon. I am no fan of torrent downloads as they seem to take an age but I am currently downloading it. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. As the the DVD is non-anamorphic I will be using VirtualDub to crop the video and enhance it for 16×9 playback. I am very much looking forward to seeing this again. Here’s hoping that an official DVD release will surface soon.

UPDATE 21/07/08

After nearly two days of downloading I was finally able to build my version of this great fan DVD and am quite happy with the results. I enhanced both the main feature and the original drive-in trailer for 16×9 playback and created some simple menus. Below are some screeshots from my DVD:






I really cannot thank the builder of the original fan DVD enough for making this available to download.

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