Fan composite #5: Pensione Paura (1978)

There really is no excuse for my lack of postings this year but for the few weeks I have been confined to my sick bed with a nasty case of tonsillitis that decided to morph into a chest infection. How considerate! Anyway, I am back now and have managed to complete my fifth fan DVD Pensione Paura. I had intended my fifth fan DVD to be Anima Persa (1974) but problems ripping subtitles from the Czech DVD meant that I had to purchase the Spanish DVD. Now I have this version I am left with the unenviable task of translating the Spanish subtitles into English, an arduous task that takes a very long time and time is something I do not currently have much of.

Pensione Paura, however, was a much easier fan DVD build as lovelockandload forum user ‘djangoli’ had done a magnificant job of translating the Italian subtitle track from the Italian DVD into English. I decided to purchase the Italian DVD and convert the non-anamorphic widescreen transfer into a fake anamorphic 16×9 transfer thanks to the simple to use program DVD Rebuilder. The results are not incredible, pixellation is heavily noticeable if you upscale the DVD on a large screen plasma or LCD television, but picture quality isn’t everything, we are more interested in the actual film. And as for the film, I have not had time to watch it yet. I was not overly impressed by director Francesco Barilli’s previous giallo The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1974) but Pensione Paura looks to be an interesting late entry in the giallo canon. Hopefully I will get round to watching it at some point this weekend. Below are some screenshots taken from the DVD:


Hopefully my next fan DVD will be Anima Persa. I don’t suppose any readers out there fancy translating the Spanish subtitles to English for me and receiving a copy of the final DVD in return?

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