Not that I think it will do much good but some thoughtful soul has decided to start an online petition to save HD-DVD. There are so many online petitions around these days that I tend to wonder just how effective they can be. Take, for example, the petition to release to release the cult cartoon Duckman on DVD. CBS cited that one of the reasons for them deciding to release this on DVD was because of the 7,000 strong online petition. So in some cases they can prove fruitful. The HD-DVD petition is fast approaching 10,000 electronic signatures, including mine of course. With the news that the HDEP30 HD-DVD player has now dropped to ??119.99 at Amazon and Play a HD-DVD resurgence would be a much cheaper solution for the consumer who wants to go HD but is put off by the high prices.

On the other side of the argument is the ‘Let HD-DVD Die’ petition urging Hollywood studios to drop HD-DVD and go Blu-Ray. This petition currently has just over 3000 electronic signitures.

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