Christmas has come early


This picture was taken from the forum on the German DVD etailer D&T’s website. Pictured is the new DVD release of Dario Argento’s rarely seen gialli Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) on the German label Retro. Whilst this release is a bootleg it looks to be the best version of the film that will be available for quite some time. It features an uncut, anamorphic widescreen transfer and an English audio track. There are also some bonus features. It has been released as a limited edition in ‘hartbox‘ (a book-like DVD case), which will no doubt sell out very quickly once all of Argento’s fanbase find out about it, and a regular version will follow shortly. But, as it is a bootleg, it is currently no where to found online. Rumour has it that it will be available to purchase from D&T tomorrow so Argento fans get those orders in quick. I wonder what the Argento camp will make of all this?

For the specification of this release go to this link.

UPDATE 14/12/07

This DVD can be purchased from D&T for around ??24 including shipping to the UK but it looks as if it will not ship until aftern Christmas. However, the DVD can also be found on eBay for a slightly cheaper price and will ship immediately.

According to this post the limited edition is now “officially sold out” as all of Retrofilm’s stock has gone out to dealers. This will certainly be very collectable in the near future. Get one while you can.

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