Upcoming HD-DVD releases


How cool is this cover? The artwork for the January 8th 2008 US HD-DVD has finally released and it is certainly unique. The cover takes the form of an envelope actually written by the Zodiac. It is quite interesting how there is a change in sensibilities, imagine telling someone in the mid-1970s in the US that an envelope from a serial killer would be on the cover of a video release. It will feature an extended director’s cut of the film as well as numerous extra features.


Now here is an exciting and unexpected announcement. On Decemeber 5th, Sergio Leone’s For a Few Dollars More (196)5 will be released in Italy on HD-DVD. Italian online vendors suggest that it will only have an Italian audio track and no English options which is very disappointing but this could possibly change. I find it hard to believe that this release will not have an English audio track.


Out in Holland next week is Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. I have not heard anything about the quality of the transfer but the special features look very appealing. I am eager to find out how this release compares to the US Blu-Ray release that surfaced earlier in the year. You can order it from Tony at Xpolited Cinema for around ??16 delivered. I doubt that you will find this any cheaper online.

Expect to see 1408 (2007) on HD-DVD in Germany, February 25th 2008 and the first Saw (2004) on February 8th. The latter being another title that was released on Blu-Ray in the US using the out-dated MPEG-2 video codec. Expect this one to be an improvement.

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