NoShame return from the dead

Was just over at Twitch and found some exciting Euro-Cult news. The demise of the US arm of NoShame has been widely discussed on Euro-Cult movie forums over the past few months. I had heard rumblings that NoShame were not quite dead but looking for better US distribution but with a few titles from their back catalogue going out-of-print things and the general state of cult movie DVD labels I had feared the worse.

But NoShame are back from the dead. On February 26th they will be releasing Dario Argento’s television series Door into Darkness which has already seen a DVD release in Germany by the hit and miss company Dragon. With the attention that will no doubt surround Argento’s latest film Mother of Tears (2007) they should able to shift quite a few copies. For those of you who have not seen any of the Door into Darkness episodes they come recommended. They may not reach the heights of his classic 70s gialli but they are very entertaining, especially the directed Argento episode ‘The Tram’. Regular Argento collaborator Luigi Cozzi directs the first episode ‘The Neighbour’ which is quite suspenseful. It may reek of Alfred Hitchcock Presents but is definitely worthy of a larger audience.

For all we know this may not exactly mean a revival for NoShame, it could, after all, be a one-off release but at least it is a movement in the right direction. The are plenty of unreleased gialli and poliziesco that could still receive the NoShame attention.

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