What’s going on?

Sorry for the lack of posts but things have been extremely busy at work over the past few weeks. The first wave of student marking came in, which for me meant 100 scripts to mark in less than two weeks. Thankfully that has now all been done and I can get back on track with two projects that I have recently been planning.

Firstly, I intend to resume work on my third fan composite: Crimes of the Black Cat (1972). This one is taking much longer than I had first expected. Producing subtitles from scratch is a time consuming task and with over 600 lines of subtitles I have managed, so far, to produce just 100. I recently received an English audio track taken from the uncut Greek DAV VHS release of the film. As expected it is not in good shape so I have had to try and remaster it using Adobe Audition. The result is not overly impressive but certainly much better than previously. Thanks go to my office-mate Sam for a crash course in Adobe Audition and helping to me with the remaster. I would like to get this one finished this weekend.

Secondly, I have decided to produce an audio commentary for an episode of my favourite television series Kolchak: The Night Stalker. I listen to audio commentaries while driving to and from work and have been thinking about attempting one for quite a while now. Initially I was going to do one for a film but I thought it might be easier to attempt a short one first and then take it from there. If all goes well I might do some more episode commentaries for Kolchak: The Night Stalker and then one for the original television movie The Night Stalker (1972) but let’s see how the first one goes. Currently, I am in the pre-production stages and I will record either this Tuesday or the Tuesday after. I am unsure whether to make a dedicated website for them or to just host them on Switchpod. We shall see.

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