Euro-Cult goings on

Magnus over at Fin de Siecle Media has just released the soundtrack to one of my favourite gialli Death Laid an Egg (1968). This is a score like no other, it is your typical Euro-Cult lounge music, this is disorientating and irritable yet strangely listenable. It has never been released on CD before and is a must buy for fans of the film. I intend to pick it up over the coming months. Also, check out the catalogue for other releases of rare Euro-Cult soundtracks.

Herman from the Bloody Italiana blog is in the planning stages of producing a one-off publication on furore surrounding the video nasty Anthropophagus (1980) in Britain. If anyone has any materials such as newspaper clippings, cover art or maybe even anecdotal information head over to Bloody Italiana and get in touch with Herman.

Midnight Media
have just released a new issue of their indispensable magazine ‘It is Uncut?’ and have released another of their A5 publications with this one focusing on Italian action director Enzo G. Castellari.

Severin’s region one release of Lucio Fulci’s giallo The Psychic aka Murder to the Tune of Seven Black Notes (1977) has been delayed and will now be released on November 13 in the US. An advance review of the DVD has surfaced online and it looks to be a welcome official English language friendly release of this rarely seen film. The review also mentions that the review copy was not flagged for progressive playback and is instead interlaced. I am sure that some of the Euro-Cult critics will be sharpening their fangs for when they sink their teeth into this one. Once again it will be the transfer that will be more heavily scrutinised than the actual film. It might be possible that this oversight will only be present on the aforementioned review copy and that the sell-truth releases will be correctly flagged. I have put my pre-order in regardless.

And, on a final note, if you are a fan of Euro-Cult cinema and you are not a member of the Lovelockandload forum you seriously need to get your head checked. This is the best place for discussion on all things Euro-Cult and contains some of the most knowledgeable, and friendly, people I have encountered on an online discussion group. See you there.

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