Fan composite #2: Death Steps in the Dark (1977)

I recently completed a fan composite of Maurizio Pradeaux’s enjoyable giallo Death Steps in the Dark (1977). Whilst certainly not a classic of the giallo canon, Death Steps in the Dark is an enjoyable thriller with some rather amusing comedic elements that work quite well. Pradeaux’s gialli tend to get less than favourable reviews amongst the fan community but I found this and his previous effort Death Carries a Cane (1972) to middle of the road offerings; certainly not the best and certainly not the worst.

Using the English audio from a DIVX file of the film, I managed to combine it with the Italian audio track from the excellent NoShame Italian DVD release (pictured left). The transfer of this film has been remastered in high definition and looks absolutely superb. The editing was arduous to say the least. This film was dubbed particularly well and it proved to be a nightmare when trying to synchronise the audio. It took much longer than my earlier effort but it was worth it just to be able to view such a beautiful presentation of the film with an English audio track.

This time I took screenshots of the original menus and managed to rebuild them in DVD Lab. DVD Lab is without a doubt the best DVD authoring software I have used, whilst Adobe Encore presents the user with numerous options DVD Lab is much more user friendly. Below are some screenshots taken from the DVD:




Even though it took a while to complete I am very pleased with the outcome of this composite. Next I will be tackling Crimes of the Black Cat (1972). I have already starting working on building the subtitles which is a time consuming task. This one could take quite a while.

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