Happy Birthday to me


I celebrated my 27th birthday on Monday 24th September. I usually find such occasions to be nothing more than just another day as they tend to take on another meaning once you get to a certain age. But this birthday was quite special as Brian Wilson, the creative genius behind The Beach Boys, happened to be performing at Symphony Hall in Birmingham. I regard Pet Sounds as one of the greatest albums ever written and list the track ‘God Only Knows’ as my favourite song of all time so his being in town on my birthday was quite a nice surprise. I had seen Brian Wilson perform two years ago at the National Indoor Arena and it was a wonderful experience but the Symphony Hall is a much better venue with incredible acoustics.

Our seats were five rows back from the front with an excellent view of the stage. Wilson and his band, that features some very talented musicians to say the least, did around 36 songs all together and performed for around two and a half hours. I was happy to hear all of my favourite tracks performed to perfection, the two standouts being ‘Don’t Worry Baby’, which was sang flawlessly by band leader Jeffery Foskett, and ‘Then I Kissed Her’ which now seems permanently stuck in my head. But the real highlight of the evening was their performance of ‘That Lucky Old Sun’, a thirty minute musical presentation on a day in California recently written by Wilson. This could possibly be his best work since Pet Sounds and demonstrates that he has not lost the creativity that made him so unique. It was also nice to experience the concert with my mom and dad and my girlfriend. A real perfect way to spend a birthday that was certainly not just another day in the week.

Below is a YouTube video taken from the Manchester gig performed on Sunday 23rd September. It contains short clips of different songs from the evening and serves as a nice little highlight reel until the woman who was in front of me at the Birmingham show decides to upload the footage she sneakily recorded. Enjoy!

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