No, not the Red Hot Chilli Peppers album of the same name but the new David Duchovny television show currently airing on Showtime in the US. Entourage has now finished and will not be on again until next June, season four of Rescue Me was awful and no more than a self indulgent binge for Denis ‘I stole Bill Hicks’ material but I won’t admit it’ Leary and the new series of Dexter is taking ages to surface. There is very little quality television at the moment apart from the wonderful Californication.

I found the first four seasons of the X-Files to be great television and always enjoyed David Duchovny’s performance. His recurring role on The Larry Sander’s Show as himself but with an infatuation for Larry Sanders was hilarious. Anyone remember the Basic Instinct (1992) influenced crossing of legs scene in the final episode? Duchovny is a very funny man with a dry delivery and a seemingly wonderful sense of humour. It is this that makes Californication the best television show airing at the moment. Duchovny is Hank Moody, a writer with writer’s block, a drink problem, a slight drug problem, a teenage daughter, an ex-wife he still holds a torch for and an addiction to sex.

What started out as seemingly being no more than a male Sex in the City, Californication has become something entirely different. The acting by Duchovny and Natascha McElhone, Moody’s ex-wife Karen, is a joy to behold. These two have such wonderful chemistry together that will make you wonder whether they are in fact acting or the camera is spying on them while they behave naturally. It often has me wondering if Duchovny is actually Moody in real life because he is just so convincing. I hope that this series enjoys a long run and look forward to seeing it develop.

It is not currently showing on British television and only six episodes have been shown to date in the US. If you look hard enough online I am sure that you will able to get a sneak peak of this wonderful new comedy.

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