Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-Ray player


Though I have been using Blu-Ray for well over a year I have not been too impressed with the majority of discs I have seen on the format. I have been playing back Blu-Ray discs on my Sony AR11S laptop with varying degrees of success and been generally pleased with the performance. Initially I believed Blu-Ray would be the superior and ultimately the winning format but after experiencing HD-DVD my opinion was changed. My collection of Blu-Ray discs currently pales in comparison to my HD-DVD collection. The reason for this being that there are more titles on HD-DVD that appeal to my taste in film. But Blu-Ray, on paper, is technically the superior format with it’s higher bit-rate and other exclusive features.

Since I purchased my new television and HD-DVD player I have been using the indispensable Xbox Media Center to playback my DVDs. Playback has been impressive but inconsistent with some discs not working and DVD-R discs refusing to work. I also sold my old trusty Pioneer DV-575 DVD player last month because of it lacking a HDMI connection and the ability to upscale to HD. Having to share the television’s single component socket with the DVD player, the Wii and the Xbox Media Center was also a constant inconvenience. So I have been on the lookout for a cheap HDMI multi-region DVD player. The best choice currently is the feature filled Oppo DV-981HD which can be had for a very reasonable price. But, while surfing the net, I read a review of the Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-Ray player and also read that the upcoming Starz Blu-Ray releases of Halloween (1979) and Dawn of the Dead (1978) would be region free.

The BD-P1000 was the first Blu-Ray player to be released in the UK. It was very expensive and became outdated very quickly. The Playstation 3 became the player of choice for the majority and the eventual release newer models of Blu-Ray players led to the BD-P1000 being reduced in price. Samsung then released software upgrades for the BD-P1000 enabling newer features and fixing some of the previous flaws. It also allowed playback of some of the newer BD-DVD releases. With this upgrade installed and the lower price the BD-P1000 is excellent value. Unlike other current HD players on the market there is a multi-region hack for SD-DVD available that makes it even more attractive.

As of this evening I am now the proud owner of this player and, so far, I have been very impressed with it’s performance. Not only does the player look gorgeous it performs very well offering smooth playback of BD-DVD and upscales SD-DVD discs nicely. The firmware upgrade is simple as is the multi-region hack. Even the packaging is impressive and it comes with a HDMI cable and two free Blu-Ray discs: S.W.A.T (2003) and Legends of Jazz (2006). Whilst I am not overly excited about these, the former is dreadul, it is still a welcome addition and with the current high resale value of HD discs you will be able to sell them easily. For the money this really is a steal and, as long it is updated to support playback of newer Blu-Ray releases, it is a good investment. Even if Blu-Ray fails and becomes a forgotten technology you will still have a quality player for all of your DVDs.

The BD-P1000 is available from Direct TVs for only ??249.97; unfortunately I paid ??20 more as they suddenly decided to reduce it the day after I purchased it. I am hoping that they will honour a refund but I have my doubts. They have less than 20 in stock so get in their quickly if you want to get one. After all, what other reason do you need when Halloween is now available in HD on Blu-Ray?

Coincidentally, this is my 100th post. Hoo-ray for me, I never thought I would maintain this blog.

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