Dutch Filmworks join the HD party


Some exciting news for the cult film fan. Dutch Filmworks have announced that they will support both HD formats and will be releasing the following titles come 13th November: Reservoir Dogs (1992), Flyboys (2006), Running Scared (2006), Saw III (2006) and (2005). I already have the German import of Running Scared which looks fantastic in HD but the most interesting releases here are Reservoir Dogs and Saw III. Both of these films are available only on Blu-Ray in the US and the former is region coded meaning it will not be playable on a UK player. It is good to see Blu-Ray only titles being released in Europe on HD-DVD. I will most certainly be purchasing Reservoir Dogs.

But what I find most exciting this news is that Dutch Filmworks also hold the rights to Romero’s zombie films and the majority of Dario Argento’s back catalogue. They have also released a wealth of cult film on DVD over the past few years. Fingers crossed these eventually make their way to HD-DVD in the near future.

Thanks to KevD from AVForums for this information.

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