Warner considering HD-DVD deal?


According to TV Predictions an article in the Los Angeles Times reports that Warner are “mulling over” an offer from the HD-DVD camp to support HD-DVD exclusively. So will Warner follow in the footsteps of Paramount and Dreamworks? Even though recently Warner were quick to emphasise their dual format approach it appears that money can indeed speak louder than words.

UPDATE 13/09/07

TV Predictions have now reported that Warner are “supporting both” formats for the time being. This does not come as a surprise as their Total Hi-Def discs, containing HD-DVD one on side and Blu-Ray on the other, will be released in the very near future. The Warner HD website, however, reveals numerous tasty upcoming titles such The Exorcist (1973), Batman (1989) and the Dirty Harry films that will be HD-DVD only and could possibly be released in crucial fourth quarter just in time for the holiday season.

UPDATE #2 15/09/07

Warner have now cancelled the release of their first Total Hi-Def discs. Perhaps they are reconsidering their stance after all. Expect more announcements from them in early 2008.

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