And the war continues…


So I go away for a few days and what happens; a major turning point in future of HD-DVD occurs. As many of you following the format war will now know Dreamworks and Paramount are no longer supporting Blu-Ray and will only be releasing titles on HD-DVD with immediate effect. Being someone who thought HD-DVD was dying a slow, unfortunate death I was very happy to find that it is not going anywhere just yet. There have been some suggestions that Microsoft paid a considerable amount of money to both Paramount and Dreamworks to ‘help’ them make this decision but at least it is a step in the right direction for HD-DVD.

This was followed by the resignation of Warner’s outspoken supporter of HD at the next generation of home video. Commentators thought this might lead to Warner following in footsteps of Dreamworks and Paramount but nothing has happened as of yet. It would appear that Warner favour HD-DVD over Blu-Ray due to them releasing a handful of titles as HD-DVD only. It will be interesting to see what announcements occur over the coming week.


Whilst visiting my Facebook page tonight I noticed that there had been a online poll asking people whether they support HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. Though the results are from a limited audience of 1000 and can only be taken with a pinch of salt they still provide a rough indication of preference. A thorough breakdown can be found in the attachment on the left. It shows that 64% of poll participants currently favour HD-DVD over Blu-Ray. This is quite a significant difference and is one that comes as a surprise. It would be interesting to see what the results would be if the poll had been conducted on MySpace or Bebo for that matter.

So, overall, we can see that the HD-DVD format clearly has a lot of support that will hopefully continue to grow. I wonder how the Blu-Ray camp will respond to this? Only time will tell.

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