The Lakes


Sorry for the recent lack of posts. I spent the majority of last week hiding in the Lake District, getting away from the everyday annoyances I have been dealing with recently. I have been to the Lake District before, it is a place unlike any other that offers incredible views and surroundings that are completely different to South Birmingham. The hotel we stayed in was incredible, waking up to a view of the sun hitting Lake Windermere was quite breathtaking.

When I arrived home, reluctantly I might add, I was very happy to find that the PayPal fiasco I had recently experienced finally resolved itself. I have to say that PayPal were very efficient in dealing with the problem and even though I lost ??8 due to changes in exchange rates it is a much easier loss to deal with than ??160. I am still none the wiser to what actually occurred but it would seem that someone managed to hack into my account and made a payment with my credit card. Not really sure how they thought they could get away with it but it happened, do fraudsters really think that someone would not notice money go missing from an account? So what is there to learn from this experience? Never link a debit card to a PayPal account only a credit card and make sure you change your password every month. Not that these measures would guarantee you protection from fraud but it should lessen the chances. Still, it was nice to have this over with upon my return.

My return, however, will be short-lived as I am off to Beer in Devon tomorrow morning to continue my brief escape from city life.

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