PayPal hack

I have always preached the safety of ordering online. I dread to think how many orders I have placed in the nine years I have been online and have never had one problem with card fraud. That was until yesterday when I received an email from PayPal telling me that my account had been limited due to a suspicious activity. It appears that someone either had my credit card details or hacked into my PayPal account and attempted to make a payment of ???250. I use the word appears because I have no idea what has really happened here. Any attempt to phone PayPal resulted in an automated response telling me to follow instructions online. I promptly cancelled my card and also reported the suspicious payment to PayPal. It now appears that all is well but will not know until I receive a letter from PayPal asking me to confirm my home address. Very frustrating and angering as I am sure you understand.

So what have I learnt from this? Online fraud is rife and no matter what precautions you take you can still be a victim. Will I use PayPal again? Possibly not, but what are the other alternatives to receiving or making payments on eBay? There are others but they are not as popular as PayPal, after all, PayPal is a very convenient way of making an online payment. I should know more by next week and keep my fingers crossed that ???250 will not leave my bank account.

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