A good ISP these days is hard to find

Even though I have Be ready and waiting for me if I finally get to move into my house (yes, nearly five months on and still no resolution) I have been using Tiscali for almost ten months now. Initially I found them to be the second worst ADSL ISP I have used, the first was Supanet if anyone cares to know, but once I was used to their limitations I was more appreciative. The problem with Tiscali is that they do not offer unlimited broadband. Their fair usage policy means that you will be capped between 16:00 and 12:00 and receive speeds more akin to dial-up than broadband. I do believe that this is completely unacceptable but outside of these hours pretty much anything goes, for example, last month I downloaded well over 75GB in three days. My patience with Tiscali has now worn thin.

Recently I have been receiving speeds less than 1mbs. This is unacceptable and incredibly frustrating when trying to watch streaming media. Ironically, when while writing this blog post, I lost my connection and had to wait till this morning for Internet access to return. So, providing we can get a MAC code easily, we have decided to change ISP. But what are the alternatives? The two highest quality ISPs, Be and Virgin Media, are currently unavailable in this area. Yesterday I did some Internet research and could not find a recommended unlimited ADSL provider for under ??20 per month. Prices for unlimited ADSL now appear to be around ??60 a month! It looks as if we will have to bite the bullet and go with a ‘limited’ ISP, something I have always refused to do. Currently I am leaning towards ADSL24. For ??19.99 a month you can have an 8mb connection but only download 30GB at peak times and 300GB off-peak. With the added bonus of a one-month contract this seems an attractive option until Be is made available in our area. If anyone has any other suggestions I am listening.

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