A podcast on a podcast


Last week I was asked to teach an Aim Higher Summer School class at UCE. The Aim Higher programme provides fifteen year olds, from what they refer to as “under-represented” groups, a chance to experience University life. They stay in halls of resisdence and attend special classes that give them a taste of University.

My colleagues and I taught a class called ‘The Media in a Digital Age’. We intended to get the students to produce multi-media blogs on specific cultural themes. In order to do this we setup a ‘teaching’ blog which would house the main content that we would use for class. Due to a technological mishap involving a blown projector bulb we did not get to use content from the blog in full. I felt especially bad because I asked my colleague Sam Coley to produce a short podcast on podcasting. So in order to ease my conscience a little I have decided to include it on here as it is an excellent introduction to those who are unsure of what a podcast is and for those who might want to create their own podcast.

You can listen to it here.

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